Vol.9 No.2 2016

Research paper : Constructing a system to explore shallow velocity structures using a miniature microtremor array (I. CHO et al.)−98−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.9 No.2 (2016) technology was solved by partial improvement of an existing system. To clarify this point, in the final paragraph of Chapter 2, we emphasized that the precision of the new system could be improved essentially by obtaining wave propagation velocity of the ground, not just the ground oscillation characteristics, and that the improvement of one component of the existing integrated system can be an innovation. Also, in the final paragraph of Chapter 3 and the final paragraph of Section 4.1.2, we organized the technological development points such as the simplification of measurement, quality control, complete automation from data processing to visualization, quasi-real-time delivery, and others.4 Advantage of S-wave velocity measurementComment (Akira Kageyama)You discuss the velocity structure of S-waves, but can you more specifically address how you can provide merit to society with this technology? For example, you discuss “high precision of earthquake zoning,” but I think it will be easier to understand if you explain what the user can understand from this and how it will serve as material for making decisions.Answer (Ikuo Cho)We explained that the forecasting precision of earthquake shaking could be improved by using the actual data of ground oscillation and material properties that were only estimated based on a geomorphological classification.5 Figure 4Comment (Chikao Kurimoto)Figure 4 contains the components of this research, and I think you should show the scenario of the paper using this figure.Answer (Ikuo Cho)The important point is the development from “microtremor array exploration” to “miniature arrays,” and we think this process is the major synthesiological point of this paper. Therefore, the paper is composed around this process. In the paper, the “shallow velocity structure exploration system using a miniature microtremor array” is called the “new system.”6 Three-point irregular array of Section 4.1.3Question (Akira Kageyama)In Paragraph 2, Section 4.1.3, you write, “such application of three-point irregular arrays is impossible in the conventional microtremor array exploration.” Is this because the data processing method for uneven intervals were not studied or developed? If so, is it correct to say that although the authors were preparing a measurement data processing method assuming equal interval layout of the array in the conventional microtremor array exploration, the authors returned to the “basic question” and newly developed and evaluated the data processing method for irregular array layout, and demonstrated that it was practical?Answer (Ikuo Cho)Yes, it is correct. Based on your question, we added “the data processing is done assuming that the arrays are laid out in equal intervals in the conventional microtremor array exploration,” and supplemented our insufficient explanation.


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