Vol.9 No.2 2016

Research paper : Development and utilization of geochemical reference materials (T. OKAI)−70−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.9 No.2 (2016) ②①Fig. 8 Publication of geochemical reference materials databaseGeochemical reference materials homepage (https://gbank.gsj.jp/geostandards/welcome.html)1 When one clicks on the sample name for which he/she would like to see analytical data, the list of analytical components is displayed. 2 When one clicks on the component name, the list of all reported analytical data is displayed. body of data and it can be utilized widely. The “Rock Reference Samples DataBase,” developed in this manner, was extremely popular, and it improved the convenience of using the reference materials, contributing to further distribution and development of RIO-DB. Currently, it is published as the “Geochemical Reference Samples DataBase” of the GSJ Database Collection (Gbank) (Fig. 8). GSJ is the only organization in the world that is publishing all reported data.5 Summary and the future of geochemical reference materials5.1 Summary of GSJ geochemical reference materialsTo summarize the development of geochemical reference materials by GSJ, the goal of “elucidating the chemical compositions of domestically produced rocks at the global research level,” which was the initial intent, was sufficiently achieved by the preparation of the volcanic and sedimentary series and their evaluation. In addition, the development of reference materials came with responsibilities that change according to the age and the environment such as social responsibility as a producer of global reference materials, supplying reference materials needed by the age, and promoting widespread utilization and user services of reference materials. To these responsibilities, GSJ has responded accordingly through the following means: distribution of certified reference materials that follow the regulations of ISO, distribution of suitable reference materials for instrumental analysis and environmental analysis, and implementation of user support through the webpage (database). There were some imperfections, but GSJ fulfilled its role sufficiently. From the beginning of their development, GSJ geochemical reference materials have been used worldwide. About half of the present customers are in foreign countries. As an issuing organization representing Japan, it is a pride of GSJ to have developed reference materials that are used globally. In addition, as stated previously, reference materials have changed with the age. In the future, flexible responses to various types of changes will likely lead to success.5.2 Geochemical reference materials in the futureHow will geochemical reference materials change in the future? It is easy to predict expanding utilization and increasing importance of reference materials. In addition, it should be possible to predict some changes in the surrounding environment. First, the analysis of environmental samples will likely increase and so will demand for quality standards. Second, the number of analysts who can perform analysis using the wet method will decrease dramatically, and the number of technicians who work much like operators of instrumental analytical equipment will increase. Additionally, many analyses will be performed by automatic analysis and flow analysis, in which untreated raw samples are set in a device, the device automatically performs various processes with a push of a button, and analytical results are received as output. Analysis for existing forms of elements in samples also will likely increase.As a result, the development of reference materials to satisfy


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