Vol.8 No.2 2015

Research paper : Study of the top 70 NEDO Inside Products (M. YAMASHITA et al.)−82−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.8 No.2 (2015) Project AProject BProject CBiodegradable plasticsResearch topics set to meet social demands. 3R applications(economically) are optimized, while conversion to other similar uses is investigated at the same time. The project outcomes are introduced to public services.【Characteristics of 3R technology】Dioxin emission reductionCan be separated and collected highly efficiently according to metal contentLow-grade urban scrapsWeight reduction technology for automobilesStrengthening international competitiveness in iron and steel manufacturingControl of dioxin emission, improved energy efficiencyRPF(Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel) manufacturing of waste paperCirculating PET bottle recycling technologyDemonstration of automobile recycling in ChinaGlassRecycling technology of waste paperPaperDevelopment of advanced utilization system for waste glass (sorting and new applications)Advanced sorting technology for waste plastic from home appliancesTechnological development for low-grade scrap ironRecycled reinforced panels using excess waste paperRecycling of aluminum from used cars and home appliancesWoodTechnology for sorting vinyl chloride from container and packaging plastics①Use as raw fuel for blast furnaces②Plastic gasification (EUP)Development of diverse plastic recycling technologiesFundamental technology for iron recycling (removal of tramp elements)Advancement of aluminum recyclingTechnological development for detoxification and valuable metal collection from shredder dustTechnology to recover rare metals from cell phone and PCTreatment of chlorofluorocarbon in air conditionersSafety design for home appliance recycling plantDevelopment of technology to recover iron and non-iron metals from end of life home appliance partsTechnology for rare metal recovery from automobile partsDevelopment of eco-cementPlasticsIronAluminumEnergyFundamental technology for aluminum recyclingHighly recyclable steel platesChlorine detoxification technology by simultaneous treatment of plastics and glassConstruction of LCA databaseConstructionTextileCans,bottlesWaste paperHome appliancesAutomobilesFoodSocial demandSuggesting new public servicesSocial demandProgress of technological development (technological development by NEDO)R&D outcome = Response to social demandRipple effectDerived effectReduction of final disposal volumeEnvironmentally-considerate manufacturingIncreased recycling rate and enforcement of recycling lawsMarket expansion of waste industriesAdvanced measures against hazardous materialsDevelopment aimed to deal with landfill site shortage!Advanced recycling technology!Introduction of innovative technology in line with regulations.Outreach in line with LCA etc.Revival through the integration with future new technologies!Spread of technological effectSpread of social effectProductWasteResourcesUtilization of advanced polymer technologyUtilization of advanced combustion technologyImproved international competitivenessWaste industryMeasures against hazardous substances Waste disposal issuesInternational regulationsEnvironmental laws and regulationsAccumulation of stock technologiesIncreased environment-consciousnessImprovement of living environmentImproved resource securityManufacture of construction wooden boards using construction wasteFig. 6 Relationship between the NEDO projects and recycling systems


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