Vol.8 No.2 2015

Research paper : Study of the top 70 NEDO Inside Products (M. YAMASHITA et al.)−80−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.8 No.2 (2015) *Created from NEDO Inside Products confirmed during Phase 2, in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 medium term projects.770 billion yen/77 %1.8 trillion yen/89 %60 billion yen/13 % (of which 8.4 billion yen is subsidy)7.48 trillion yen /21.2 %2.9 trillion yen /48 %132.5 trillion yen/31 %34.1 billion yen/26.7 %27.8 trillion yen/13.7 %1 trillion yen/3.5 %Ene-farmPortable gaming devicesAirbag sensorsDisaster relief robotsFine nozzle for printer headsIntelligent OR(operation room)4D CT devicesHigh-sensitivity detection technologyIn-situ observation technologyCompound solar cells・Development of practical application of medical and daily life support equipment that contribute to extending healthy lives (2001-2003)LC panelsEtchingSemiconductor chipsHigh-insulation solder resistsHard disk headsThin film manufacture technologyWire saw technology・Development of solar power generation technology (1981-2009)・Project for strategic development of elemental technology for advanced robots (2006-2010)Fine control technologyPrintersMEMS mirrors・ Strategic technological development for practical use of solid polymer fuel cells (2005-2009)・Project for large-scale demonstration research for stationary fuel cells (2005-2009)AutomobilesComputer and information terminalsMicrophone sensors・Development of material surface control technology for low-friction-loss high-efficiency driven equipment (2002-2006)・Precise polymer technology (2001-2007)・R&D of fundamental technology for reducing risk of hazardous chemical substances / Development of resist materials using non-phenol resin materials (2004-2006)・Project for advanced evaluation of next-generation semiconductor nanomaterial (2003-2005)・Development of evaluation of next-generation advanced materials (2004-2006)・Fundamental development for advanced evaluation of semiconductor functional materials (2009-2011)・MEMS project (2003-2005)・Project for development of design and analysis support system for MEMS (2004-2006)・Project for development of highly aggregated complex MEMS manufacturing technology (2008-2010)Air pressure sensor for tiresSemiconductor manufacturing devices, precision processing machinesAir flow metersAcceleration sensorsCell phones, smart phonesOutput productsNEDO ProjectsFinal products (175.2 trillion yen), Sales and global share (%) for FY 2010Spread of project results(parts industry)Innovative technology (project results)Pressure sensorsImproved friction function by surface processingEnergy savings, power generation efficiencyAnalysis of inter-material mutual effectAdded hybrid function by material blending3D processing, achievement of higher memoryImproved heat resistance by surface property modificationMedical equipmentHeat resistant adhesiveX-ray oscillators, high-sensitivity MRISlicersTFT thin filmsOn-site power generationInsulating materialsMaterial evaluation assist tools (TEG)Dye bond filmsMirror surface treatment, lubricantsFriction-free cuttingFig. 5 Innovative technologies born from NEDO projects and midterm outcomes


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