Vol.8 No.2 2015

Research paper : Study of the top 70 NEDO Inside Products (M. YAMASHITA et al.)−73−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.8 No.2 (2015) Having examined the latest sales figures and noticed some similar products (robots and power semiconductors) of Top 50 NEDO Inside Products listed in our previous paper being integrated,[24] 50 products were reorganized into 47 products. Hence, we added 23 new products to the previous list for this research. To select new candidates, the involvement of NEDO projects was once again examined with documents such as project accomplishment reports or NEDO database.[25] Regarding the products’ current market status, we collected the articles reporting the product deployment by searching press releases of the companies involved and the journals of relevant fields. We compared the products’ cumulative sales for the past five years, most recent sales figures, future sales forecasts, and potential benefits to the society, and 154 products were extracted in the preliminary narrowing-down. In the secondary narrowing-down, the number of products was reduced to 72 after quantitative evaluations, interviews, and the discussion with the committee of external experts. Ultimately, 70 best-selling products were selected.2.6 Categorization of NEDO Inside ProductsThe products were initially categorized in accordance with the project’s basic plan and characteristics: That is, whether the product (1) is a pioneer of new market; (2) is competitive in international markets; (3) pushes the boundaries of the technology, and (4) addresses any social issue.[12]-[16] Half of these products fell under Category (4), in line with NEDO’s mission. After in-depth analyses and discussions, however, we found out that the products (4) should be best categorized under social demands or everyday life issues. As it made the characteristics of products more evident, the products under (4) were re-grouped into “resources/energy solutions” and “safety/security/comfort providers.” Consequently, NEDO Inside Products were re-categorized into following five categories: (1) pioneers of new market: 12 products; (2) boosters of Japanese industry’s international competitiveness: 15 products; (3) technological stimuli to a wide range of fields: 8 products; (4) solutions to resources and energy issues: 16 products; and (5) providers of safety, security, and comfort: 19 products (Table 1). As can be seen from this categorization, many of the technologies in these products and processes were developed with intent to address social issues (e.g., CO2 reduction, energy saving, new energy, environment, reduction of hazardous substances, exhaust gas, quality of living, waste, and medical care). Despite their sales figures being insignificant, it can be said that a considerable portion of NEDO Inside Products make substantial contribution to the society by offering such technologies that deals with changes in regulations, and environmental problems, and support medical diagnosis, and medical/nursing-care.2.7 Sales forecast of NEDO Inside ProductsThe sales figures of NEDO Inside Products fluctuate depending on years after market launch. In most cases, the product sales remains subtle for several years, shows a gradual increase, and becomes saturated after reaching a level of maturity. It eventually declines after a period of [19 products] Nano-ion products, 4D radiographic computed tomography (CT) diagnostic systems, microscopes for biological research, confocal laser microscopes, cryoelectron microscopes, short-leg braces, energy-saving large displays, gasoline vapor recovery devices, non volatile organic compounds (VOC) coating systems, rapid sensitive analyzing systems for oligosaccharides, body fat scales, twin-arm construction machines, membrane bioreactor (MBR) units, high-efficiency anaerobic biological treatment [such as up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB)], exhaust gas post-treatment systems, bio-remediation, insulating materials for electronic materials, cleaning gas for semiconductor manufacturing, asbestos substitute gaskets・Safe and secure・Social contribution・Comfort and convenience5.【Agent for realizing safe, secure, and comfortable living】[16 products] Geothermal power generation, waste power generation, high-performance industrial furnace, low-emission hybrid diesel car, energy-saving construction machines, industrial heat pump, standby power digital copier, thermal storage transportation, next-generation adsorption refrigerator, cold heat storage system, submerged combustion method for chlorofluorocarbon decomposition, low fuel consumption tire, waste solid fuel, sulfur-free light oil, eco-cement, high-performance high-function vacuum insulating materials・Regulatory compliance・Global environment・Energy efficiency・Comfortable and convenient4.【Contributor to solving environment and energy issues】[8 products] Industrial medium-scale power generators, casting simulation, high-function high-reliability servers, adhesive for resin parts, metal glass, photocatalysts, fine ceramics, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS)・Industrial infrastructure・Social infrastructure・Academic ripple effects3.【Technological stimuli to a wide range of fields】[15 products] High-performance stoker furnaces, excimer laser semiconductor devices, large catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CAT-CVD) machines, turbo refrigerators, semiconductor evaluation technology devices, energy sharing technology of plant community by pinch technology, high-performance LED materials, hard disk drives, nonvolatile semiconductor memories, stacked dynamic random access memories (DRAM), power semiconductor materials, storage batteries for space use, non-stage transmission for automobiles, polarizing film for liquid crystal displays (LCD), electric double-layer capacitors, electronic chip laminated films・International strategies・Sales・Presence2.【Boosters of Japanese industry’s international competitiveness】[12 products] Solar power generation, Blu-ray Disc related technology, residential heat pump hot water supply systems, wind power generation, residential fuel cells, robots (industrial, motion assistant, etc.), clean diesel vehicles, natural gas vehicles, superconducting wire rods, mobile batteries, high-output secondary batteries・Market creation・Sales・Employment1.【Pioneers of new market】Specific NEDO Inside Products (in order of products and parts)EffectOutlineAimIndexTake lead in creating new markets!Take advantage in industrial competitiveness through world-leading technologies!Support innovation in wide-ranging fields of technology through core technology development!Contribute to solving environment and energy issues through highly reliable technologies!Realize safe, secure, and comfortable lives through diverse technological repertoires.Create new markets and provide mid-to long-term support for innovative R&D that is too risky to be undertaken by a single private company.Strengthen Japan’s industrial competitiveness by accelerating the technological development in highly competitive areas.Promote technological innovations in the development of materials and core technologies that may cost too much time and money for private companies to undertake.Contribute to creating an environment-conscious society through new technological development addressing serious environmental and energy issues (energy efficiency, new energy, reduction of hazardous substances, etc.)Support safe, secure, and comfortable living of the people in Japan and the rest of the world by developing new technologies and making best of them.Table 1. Categorization of Top 70 NEDO Inside Products


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