Vol.7 No.4 2015

Research papersDevelopment of a stable growth factor suitable for radioprotection Drug development-aimed R&D at a basic research institute - - - T. IMAMURA134 - 148Development of a protein array for autoantibody profiling of blood Comprehensive disease diagnosis using the body’s defense system - - - Y. KAWAKAMI and N. GOSHIMA149 - 157Technological development of internal heat-integrated distillation column (HIDiC) Substantive research of application to a bench plant of bioethanol distillation - - - K. KATAOKA and H. NODA158 - 173Secure password authentication schemes and their applications How to achieve security with short passwords - - - K. KOBARA and S.H. SHIN174 - 184Development of environmentally-friendly surface modification technology Practical realization of novel oleophobic coatings without relying on perfluorinated compounds and surface texturing - - - A. HOZUMI and C. URATA185 - 193 Vol.7 No.3Research papersNew research trends in artifactology Modeling of individuals and socialization technology - - - J. OTA, N. NISHINO, T. HARA and T. FUJITA200 - 209Mental fatigue measurement as application software on consumer devices Introducing reliable fatigue index to daily life - - - S. IWAKI and N. HARADA210 - 217Development of evaluation technologies for sedimentary characteristics Applicability of the technologies to the assessment of methane hydrate sediments - - - N. TENMA218 - 228International standardization of four dimensional radiotherapy system Enhancement of effects of irradiation and assurance of safety - - - Y. HIRATA, N. MIYAMOTO, M. SHIMIZU, M. YOSHIDA, K. HIRAMOTO, Y. ICHIKAWA, S. KANEKO, T. SASAGAWA, M. HIRAOKA and H. SHIRATO229 - 238Preparation of superconducting films by metal organic deposition Research and development towards a fault current limiter and other electric devices - - - T. MANABE, M. SOHMA, I. YAMAGUCHI, H. MATSUI, T. TSUCHIYA and T. KUMAGAI239 - 250 Vol.7 No.4Table of contents−257−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.7 No.4 (2015)


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