Vol.7 No.4 2015

Vol.7 table of contents (2014)Research papersOpen foundry to spur open-innovation Establishment of a foundry to realize an innovative cooperation platform and development of its sustainable management strategy - - - H. AKINAGA1-11 Development of an advanced sewage sludge incinerator, “turbocharged fluidized bed incinerator” The role of AIST in the development of a new system - - - Y. SUZUKI, T. MURAKAMI and A. KITAJIMA12-21A novel material design system method for on-demand material development A method born from a development field - - - T. INADA and T. MATSUO22-29Towards large-capacity, energy-efficient, and sustainable communication networks Network topology research for dynamic optical paths - - - K. ISHII, J. KURUMIDA and S. NAMIKI30-43 Vol.7 No.1 Vol.7 No.2Research papersA social system for production and utilization of thermophysical quantity data Measurement technology, metrological standard, standardization of measurement method, and database for thermal diffusivity by laser flash method - - - T. BABA and M. AKOSHIMA49-64National standards of length for high-capacity optical fiber communication systems Development of fiber-based optical frequency combs - - - H. INABA, A. ONAE and FL. HONG65-78Research and development of solar hydrogen production Toward the realization of ingenious photocatalysis-electrolysis hybrid system - - - K. SAYAMA and Y. MISEKI79-91Methodology for designing cryptographic systems with advanced functionality based on a modular approach Towards reducing the barrier to introducing newly-designed cryptographic schemes into real-world systems - - - G. HANAOKA, S. OHATA, T. MATSUDA, K. NUIDA and N. ATTRAPADUNG92-104Development of lectin microarray, an advanced system for glycan profiling From frontal affinity chromatography to evanescent wave excitation fluorescence detection method - - - J. HIRABAYASHI105-117Development of a household high-definition video transmission system based on ballpoint-pen technology A low cost, easily deployed optical connection using a ballpoint-pen type interconnect - - - T. TOMA, H. TAKIZUKA, T. TORIKAI, H. SUZUKI, T. OGI and Y. KOIKE118-128Table of contents−256−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.7 No.4 (2015)


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