Vol.7 No.4 2015

Research paper : Applicability of the technologies to the assessment of methane hydrate sediments (N. TENMA)−228−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.7 No.4 (2015) simulator is not clearly explained. Negatively speaking, I get the impression that the simulator development has become an end rather than a means. I think you should explain, in the early part of the paper, why the development of the simulator is necessary. Although it may be apparent to the people involved, it will not necessarily be clear to the general reader.Answer (Norio Tenma)To clarify the significance of the development of the geo-mechanical simulator, in chapter 1, “Introduction,” I have added the sentence, “it is therefore necessary to develop evaluation technologies, such as a numerical simulator, that are able to predict sediment deformation behavior ” after “To enable safe and long-term gas production from the MH layer….” In relation, I added the sentence, “However, the basic characteristics that must be handled in a numerical simulator … were not known at the start of the project, so we were unable to evaluate sediment deformation and consolidation.”


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