Vol.6 No.3 2014

Research paper : Measurement of input resources for standardization activities in basic research and applied and development research, and the difference of the measuring results between the research types (S. TAMURA)−176−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.6 No.3 (2013) Answer (Suguru Tamura)I revised the text to state that there is a possibility that the standardization activities related to IP activities may be done at similar levels in the basic and applied and development researches. (6 Discussion; 6.2 Comparison among research fields; and 8 Conclusion)Question (Hiroo Matsuda)In the abstract you write that you “obtained the conclusion that the percentage of standardization activities is higher in basic research compared to applied and development research.” The reviewer feels this conclusion is extremely dangerous as it can mislead the readers. The JPO survey used in this paper merely uses the personnel engaging in IP activities as a parameter, and the standardization activity personnel is counted as an included number. In subchapter 2.4 you mention the positive correlation between the participation to standardization organization and the number of patents, and it can be estimated that there are many of the standardization activity personnel who do not belong to the IP division in the applied and development research. On the other hand, the researchers contribute little to IP or standardization in basic research institutions such as universities. As a result, the personnel who belong to the IP division must cover both fields, and therefore, the percentage of the standardization activity personnel included in the IP activity personnel increased. Isn’t this the case?Answer (Suguru Tamura)The handling of the conclusion was changed to an introduction of the hypothesis. Also, I changed the description to there is a possibility that about the same level of standardization activities may be done in basic research as in applied and development research. (6.2 Comparison among the research fields)I added a discussion on the factors in the basic field. (6.2 Comparison among the research fields)


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