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Research paper : Measurement of input resources for standardization activities in basic research and applied and development research, and the difference of the measuring results between the research types (S. TAMURA)−173−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.6 No.3 (2013) 6.4 Goal to be achieved: viewpoint of synthesiologyFigure 4 shows the scenario of the flow and introduction of research from the synthesiology viewpoint. To establish the management method for the standardization activities in innovation activities that may serve as the index of long-term outcome, it is necessary to establish the method for data collection and usage in basic research as well as applied and development research. To do so, it is necessary to establish ways to collect data in companies and universities as well as evaluation methods for the effect of standardization activities in universities that are basic research institutions and in company organizations that are applied and development research institutions. In this research, some accomplishment was made to establish the foundation of data collection for companies and universities. On the other hand, for the evaluation of the situation that may occur between basic research and applied and development research, this paper only introduced the hypotheses. Further research will be necessary in the future.7 Future research topicsFor the commercialization of technology for information and communication device, or product innovation, addressing interface standards is essential today to obtain network externality. The collection and evaluation methods for statistical data pertaining to IP activities centering on patents are described in the OECD Frascati Manual[8] and the Oslo Manual,[16] but there is no description of the standardization activities. Therefore, it is difficult to conduct the check of adequacy through international comparison at this point. The precision will increase if comparison of international data becomes possible through data collection in various countries. The advancement in international research is desired in the future.To verify the hypotheses for the degree of standardization activities in IP activities for basic research and applied and development research as developed in this paper, the understanding of actual situations of the standardization activities of basic research discipline is awaited.8 ConclusionIt was confirmed that it was possible to stably collect data for the standardization activities in the IP activity survey, and that the data are reproducible. From the investigations of the rate of data recovery and others, it was concluded that the adequacy was supported. While it is necessary to continue investigation on whether the data can be stably collected and that they are reproducible from 2012 onward, from the result of the investigation in this paper, the reliability as primary data was mostly confirmed. This result is expected to advance innovation management through the visualization of Quantitative measurement of standardization activities in basic research institutes such as universitiesBasic research institutes such as universities: hypothesis that standardization activity affects innovationNumber of patents filed by companyInside/outside company: standardization bodies and in-company activitiesCorporate applied and development research: standardization activity affects innovationMeasurement of data related to standardization activitiesDefinition related to standardization activitiesPossibility of data measurement in companies and universitiesEstablishment of foundation for usage and measurement method of data in basic research and applied and development researchEstablishment of management method for standardization activities in innovation activityLong-term outcome goalShort-term outcome goalIntegration and synthesisIndividual synthetic elementFig. 4 Scenario for the development and introduction of the methods for standardization acidities to improve innovation activity managementElectric machinery industrySome companies with advanced policiesLowApplied and development researchEducation, TLO, public research institute, public serviceHardly any cases(No description in IP policy)Higher than averageHigher than averageHighBasic researchRemarks:Representative industrial categories, etc.Degree of integrated management of standardization activities and patent management activities(Drafting of internal guideline, etc.)Number of peoplePercentageResearchobjectiveTable 3. Differences in the standardization activities related to IP activities in basic research and applied and development research


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