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Research paper : Measurement of input resources for standardization activities in basic research and applied and development research, and the difference of the measuring results between the research types (S. TAMURA)−169−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.6 No.3 (2013) Figure 1 shows the hypotheses and the relationship to the research synthesis of research.4 MethodUsing the data from the JPO Chiteki Zaisan Katsudo Chosa Hokokusho (Results of the Survey of Intellectual Property-Related Activities), observations were made from 2008 to 2011 on the number of IP activity personnel by industrial field, and the number of standardization activity personnel in IP activities. The comparisons were made among research fields to see the percentage of the standardization activities in IP activities.4.1 Outline of the Chiteki Zaisan Katsudo Chosa Hokokusho4.1.1 Objective of the surveyThe objective of the survey was: “To understand the situation of the IP activities of individuals, corporate bodies, research institutions such as universities in Japan, to organize basic materials for planning and proposing the IP policy of Japan.” This statistical survey was started in FY 2002.4.1.2 Subject yearThe subject years of the survey for standardization activities are FY 2008 and after.4.1.3 Survey subjectThe subjects are the companies and others with five or more patent applications, utility model applications, design registrations, or trademark registrations in the previous fiscal year. Specifically, this includes companies, corporate laboratories, universities, and public research institutions. The data collection for IP activity survey was started in 2002. Since it is conducted as a general statistical survey based on the Statistics Act of Japan, the subjects are required to respond honestly, unlike regular questionnaire surveys, and it is believed that highly reliable results are obtained for the standardization activities in companies.5 Results5.1 Number of IP activity personnel and the number of standardization activity personnel in IP activitiesThe recovery rate of the JPO survey over the years has been about 50 %, and the responses are obtained from the majority of those surveyed. Of the companies and others that responded, about 90 % entered information about the standardization activities for IP activities. It is thought that there is a low possibility of sampling bias due to response or no response.The data collection for the number of IP personnel has been done since 2002 (Table 1). The numbers fall in the range of 17,000 to 19,000 persons. For 2003, the number dropped to half of about 9,000 persons, due to the changes in collection method, and this figure is considered as reference value. In contrast, the number of standardization activity personnel in IP activities that is used as the alternative index of the standardization activities remained around 2,000 persons between 2008 and 2011. The percentage of standardization activities was approximately 10 %. For 2011, the percentage was 9.9 %, and the percentage of standardization activities was lowest in the past four years.5.2 Comparison of data over the years by industrial categoryThe changes in the figures by industrial category are shown (Table 2, Fig. 2). At one glance, one can see that the fields of “electrical machinery manufacturing” and “education, TLO, public research institution, and public service” have the highest number of personnel. However, because this number may be affected by the number of companies and the number of working people that serve as the parameter, the high-low of numbers cannot be simply compared. Yet, it is appropriate to overview the level of activities in each industry. Also, by looking at the variation of numbers for each year, it can be used to determine the appropriateness of the collection method and data reliability.2002200320042005200620072008200920102011Number of standardization personnel in IP activity (persons)Non-surveyedNon-surveyedNon-surveyedNon-surveyedNon-surveyedNon-surveyed2,2962,2982,3361,826Number of IP personnel that serves as parameter (persons)17,679 (Reference value)9,234 (Reference value)17,569 (Reference value)17,70018,65819,58918,45819,22717,10618,583Percentage (%)――――――12.4 %12.0 %13.7 %9.9 %Source: Data of the JPO Chiteki Zaisan Katsudo Chosa Hokokusho (Results of the Survey of Intellectual Property-Related Activities). The numbers of IP personnel for 2002, 2003, and 2004 are reference values, because they were measured using measurement method that was different from the current method.Analysis by research fields (basic research and applied and development research)Data can be used for analysis, etc.Hypothesis 1b: The definition is usefulHypothesis 1a: Data collected for the number of personnel is stableFig. 1 Flow of the hypothesis to the composition of researchTable 1. Number of standardization personnel in IP activity and number of IP personnel that serves as parameter


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