Vol.6 No.3 2014

−ii−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.6 No.3 (Dec. 2013)ContentsMessages from the editorial boardResearch papersA proposal for setting electric power saving rate to avoid risk of electric power shortage occurrence137 - 146 Probability evaluation system of electric power shortage occurrence under tight electric power supply - - - I. ARIZONO and Y. TAKEMOTODevelopment of diamond-based power devices 147 - 157 Verification of its superiority as the ultimate power device - - - S. SHIKATA and H. UMEZAWAMarine geological mapping project in the Okinawa area 158 - 165 Geoinformation for the development of submarine mineral resources - - - K. ARAI, G. SHIMODA and K. IKEHARAMeasurement of input resources for standardization activities in basic research and applied and development research, and the difference of the measuring results between the research types166 - 176 Case studies of universities and technology licensing organizations, and the electric machinery industry - - - S. TAMURAArticlePortfolio structuring and social implementation in the development of complex technology177 - 183 Case study of the development of GERAS and its evolution - - - T. KOMAIEditorial policy 184 - 185Instructions for authors 186 - 187Letter from the editor 188


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