Vol.5 No.4 2013

Research papersDeveloping an evaluation system of visually induced motion sickness for safe usage of moving images Fermentation of a social understanding to supply secure and comfortable images through integration of researches on human characteristics, image analysis technique and image production technique - - - H. Ujike139 - 149Spinning process using robot technology Field-based bricolage of manufacturing technology - - - H. Arai150 - 159International cooperation for the utilization of earth observational data in an integrated manner Development of de jure standardization of the common infrastructure for the global earth observation system of systems - - - K. Iwao160 - 170Development of a pressure sensor using a piezoelectric material thin film Application to a combustion pressure sensor for mass-produced cars - - - M. Akiyama, T. Tabaru and K. Kishi171 - 180Novel functional gels and their commercial distribution as chemical reagents New development of functional soft-materials - - - M. Yoshida181 - 189Evaluating the effects of actions taken to attract visitors to sightseeing areas An Open Service Field behavior survey technology - - - Y. Yamamoto190 - 200Development of basic tools for glycoscience and their application to cancer diagnosis A 10-year strategy of the Research Center for Medical Glycoscience of AIST - - - H. Narimatsu201 - 215Round-table TalksCreation of values and synthesis 216 - 222 Vol.5 No.3Research papersDose standards for safe and secure breast cancer screening Establishment of X-ray dose standards for mammography and construction of a calibration service system - - - T. Tanaka, T. Kurosawa and N. Saito228 - 240Reconstruction of the 869 Jogan tsunami and lessons from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake Significance of ancient earthquake studies and problems in announcing study results to society - - - Y. Okamura241 - 250Evaluating uncertainty for the standardization of single cell/stack power generation performance tests for SOFC Standardizing test methods and ensuring reliability of test results for the commercialization of SOFC - - - A. Momma, K. Takano, Y. Tanaka and T. Kato251 - 261Development of switchable mirror glass R&D strategy toward its practical use - - - K. Yoshimura, K. Tajima and Y. Yamada262 - 269Standardization of environmental analysis methods of hazardous chemicals Contribution to international control of hazardous chemicals by using advanced technologies - - - S. Taniyasu, N. Hanari, Y. Horii and N. Yamashita270 - 286 Vol.5 No.4Table of contents−292−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.5 No.4 (2013)


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