Vol.5 No.1 2012

Report : Synthesiology through knowledge integration to innovation−72−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.5 No.1 (2012) AkamatsuIt is not factual knowledge, but the “knowledge of what ought to be.” I think that is the main target.SenohI think it is great that you stepped in that direction. One is that temporal and spatial transformations are occurring in R&D. It must be global first rather than domestic leading such as in something done locally being sent out globally. Talking about the time issue, is it still okay to consider short-term as one to three years, mid-term as five years, and long-term as 10 years? Defining the short-term of innovation as the period of polishing the existing model, long-term as the period of diffusion and fixing of the next-generation model, and mid-term as the period of transition from the old to new model, there is a distinct difference temporally between the world of bio and the world of IT.Another point is the gap between the policy and the industrial trend, and I suggest retuning this separation. I hope that the methodology of this retuning will be one of the targets developed in Synthesiology.KobayashiWe would like today’s discussions to be developed further. We have gained much new insight today, and we hope the audience was able to find some new direction. I shall close the panel discussion here. Thank you very much.


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