Vol.5 No.1 2012

Research paper : Analysis of synthetic approaches described in papers of the journal Synthesiology (N. Kobayashi et al.)−52−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.5 No.1 (2012) (2010) (in Japanese) [Synthesiology English edition, 3(4), 290-298 (2010)].[32]Y. Takao and M. Sando: Products and evaluation device of cosmetics for UV protection - AIST commercialization based on regional collaboration that combines the current strategic logic, and an intermediary's experience and trial-and-error approach, Synthesiology, 3(2), 127-136 (2010) (in Japanese) [Synthesiology English edition, 3(2), 140-150 (2010)].[33]J. Akedo, S. Nakano, J. Park, S. Baba and K. Ashida: The aerosol deposition method - For production of high performance micro devices with low cost and low energy consumption, Synthesiology, 1(2), 130-138 (2008) (in Japanese) [Synthesiology English edition, 1(2), 121-130 (2008) (in Japanese)].[34]O. Nakamura, T. Ohana, M. Tazawa, S. Yokota, W. Shinoda, O. Nakamura and J. 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Takai: A field-scientific approach to Clinico-Informatics - Towards a methodology for technology transfers, Synthesiology, 3(1), 36-46 (2010) (in Japanese) [Synthesiology English edition, 3(1), 64-76 (2010)].


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