Vol.5 No.1 2012

Synthesiology - English edition Vol.5 No.1 (Jun. 2012)ContentsMessages from the editorial boardResearch papersConstruction of a traceability matrix for high quality project management A proposal of a basic 1 - 16theory toward a change from process-centric management to information-centric project management - - - A. Sakaedani. Y. Ohkami and N. KohtakeResearch and development of a monopivot centrifugal blood pump for clinical use17 - 24 Collaboration for a product between medical and engineering teams - - - T. Yamane, O. Maruyama, M. Nishida and R. KosakaAn analysis method for oxygen impurity in magnesium and its alloys 25 - 36 International standardization activity in parallel with R&D - - - A. Tsuge and W. KanematsuAnalysis of synthetic approaches described in papers of the journal Synthesiology37 - 55 Towards establishing synthesiological methodology for bridging the gap between scientific research results and society - - - N. Kobayashi, M. Akamatsu, M. Okaji, S. Togashi, K. Harada and N. YumotoDurable polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC) for residential co-generation application56 - 64 Elucidation of degradation mechanism to establish an accelerated aging test method of PEFC - - - T. Tanimoto, K. Yasuda, Z. Siroma, T. Akita, and T. KobayashiReportSynthesiology Workshop at the Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Science Policy and 65 - 72Research Management (JSSPRM) Synthesiology through knowledge integration to innovation Editorial policy 73 - 74Instructions for authors 75 - 76Letter from the editor 77−ii−


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