Vol.5 No.1 2012

Research paper : Construction of a traceability matrix for high quality project management (A. Sakaedani et al.)−11−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.5 No.1 (2012) The element effective for reducing the complexity is uncovered through the reduction of difficulty of the element, and the elements to be dealt with are narrowed down. When the element is determined, necessary measures are implemented to reduce the difficulty of that element.5.5 Notes in executing the PDCA cycleFrom the perspective of project management operations, the following points must be taken into account when executing the PDCA cycle.First, it is necessary to review the granularity of the elements that constitute the matrix and the management unit of the system matrix. One must determine whether to create the system matrix to gain an overview of the whole project, or to create the system matrix with groups and subgroups within the matrix. If the elements are too detailed, management operations will be overwhelmed by the maintenance and management of the matrix, and proper management will be impossible. Next, it is necessary to consider iterations of the PDCA cycle. In regard to the above, as the management unit of system matrix or the granularity of elements increases, the cycle should be longer. If the granularity is low, the cycle should be short (Fig. 11).Specifically, the management unit of the system matrix should be set so that the number of elements will be 10 to 20 for each regional unit such as team, activity, or artifact. For a greater number of elements, the understanding of the current project status will be more difficult when using the system matrix and the network model, and improvements will be difficult to implement. To keep the number of elements to 10 or 20 in each region, it is necessary to limit the number of PDCA cycles as well as the management unit of the matrix. For example, when the elements for the total development process are uncovered at the subgroup level, the number will be great and will be far more than 10 to 20. From this perspective, it is necessary to limit the number of cycles.Information-centric project management can be executed by considering the above points.6 ConclusionA traceability matrix was constructed as a framework for managing a software development project. For the scenario of the PDCA cycle of management in an information-centric software development project, the method using the traceability matrix was explained. Also, it was explained that this method enables gaining an overview of the project and understanding its detailed status as a whole. Furthermore, this method was shown to be an information management method for realizing high quality project management.AcknowledgementThis research was conducted as part of the Global COE Program “Center for Symbiotic, Safe and Secure System Design” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The authors thank Professor Ryuichi Teshima and Project Professor Toshiyuki Yasui of the Keio University Graduate School for discussions of this research.


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