Vol.5 No.1 2012

Research paper : Construction of a traceability matrix for high quality project management (A. Sakaedani et al.)−8−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.5 No.1 (2012) transition (the presentation layer of the so called three-layer model). The activity elements are the screen design; artifact elements are the screen specification and screen transition diagram, and their source code; components include the login screen and menu screen; and functions include the UID input function and PW input function.Since there are many elements with high interdependency, improvement is attempted. Since the PKG includes all of the functions within the product, the designer and programmer do not think about the individual components or functions, and therefore, the component is the screen control PKG and the function is the screen control function only (Fig. 7).For the generator, the structure of the components and functions is the same as in the case of scratch. Since the source code is generated automatically from the design diagram, the designer and programmer do not have to think about the source code. Therefore, the difference from scratch in terms of element is the presence of the source code (Fig. 8).When the above three types are compared and evaluated, it is thought appropriate to select the PKG, which has the lowest interdependency. However, the effect of peripheral elements when such a selection is made is reconsidered. This means that according to the level of proficiency in the PKG, the difficulty of some other elements may increase. The component value of each system matrix n is set to a standard value of 1, but as the proficiency of this PKG is considered, the component values are set as in Table 2 (the component value of other matrices such as relationships of function and component remain 1). In Table 2, difficulty levels (1 Fig. 6 Network model of scratch development (for screen transition only)Table 3. Final evaluation of each planTable 2. Team-activity matrixFunctionComponentArtifactActivity<>Screen design<>Screen specification<>Source code<>Deposit screen<>Deposit amount input function<>Withdrawal amount input function<>Menu selection function<>PW input function<>UIDinput function<>Withdrawal screen<>Menu screen<>Login screen<>Screen transition diagram1112.251.5DB design1. logic design2. designActivityTest teamImplementationteamDetailed design teamArchitecture design teamRequirement management teamTeam5995.12104.8957.16PKG (low skill level)4169.4464.7564.40Generator6081.4278.1877.79Scratch developmentComplexityDifficultyInterdependency


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