Vol.4 No.2 2011

Round-table talks :Third anniversary of Synthesiology−130−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.4 No.2 (2011) NakamuraI think that standard is a common infrastructure even in synthesiology, and I am impressed myself. I think the collaboration and fusion with other fields can be done through the keyword “standard”.WatariRecently, there’s talk within AIST that “fusion of fields is important”, but the major issues in society are all already fused. Since this is a good opportunity, I want people who wrote for Synthesiology to get their hands in practical science. I think the next step is to get down to practice, like when you break down a topic, you see there are such research elements, and you can actually do such projects.AkamatsuSo, you mean don’t just write and feel important, but get down and do it ! KomaiI wish the young researchers would have this attitude. I speak to sociology students in collaborative lectures, and last year, I started talking about synthesiology, and they are showing great interest. To have an overview of the whole and to engage in solid synthesis are important for people studying social sciences as well as for those seeking employment in companies, and it is important that this thinking diffuses among the young people. Also, this year, I was a moderator at the Innovation School, and the post-doctorate level people of system science and bio fields were particularly interested.YoshikawaI think the strategic projects are created based on the thoughts of Synthesiology, but I hope it becomes a bit more analytic so it can be appealing to people outside AIST. In the Fourth Science and Technology Basic Plan, we have the problem-solving innovation, but we have no methodology. I would like you to make a presentation, “Here is the methodology.”AkamatsuI would like to aim for not just writing papers based solely on what I practiced, but for providing verification as I re-practice making use of what I gained through writing the paper. Thank you very much for your participation today.


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