Vol.4 No.2 2011

Paper supplement to “Study on the PAN carbon-fiber-innovation for modeling a successful R&D management” (O. Nakamura et al.)−120−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.4 No.2 (2011) [18](Page 160 left, subchapter 3.3: Through the presentation of Dr. Shindo at the Carbon Conference in the United States in 1963, the British carbon researchers realized the advantage of using PAN fiber and started research of PAN carbon fibers[17]-[19].)A. Shindo: Special - Japan Innovation Story: Light, strong, and hard-to-stretch PAN carbon fiber, Monthly Chemistry, 65 (1), 22-25 (2010) (in Japanese).(As in [17]) U.S.A.: Patent application for carbon fiber using rayon as starting material (W.F. Abbott)UCC supplies rayon carbon fiber fabric to the U.S. Air ForceBusiness slump of Rolls RoyceDevelopment of carbon fiber from RAE acryl fiberDevelopment of RAE carbon fiber (tension treatment)Celanese U.S. starts production of carbon fiberUCC starts production of PAN carbon fiberAerospacedevelopmentInternationalactivitiesShindoIndustryJoins GIRIOReads article on carbon fiberBasic patent appliedPresentation at academic conferenceDissertationPresentation at international conference*Tension treatment method19851980 1975 1970 1965 1960 1955 1950 Invents pre-treatment methodIndicates advantages of carbon fiberColonel Posternak visits GIRIOCross license between Toray-UCCStandardization research startedJIS establishment・Toyo Carbon starts research・Technical assistance ‒ Nippon Carbon, Matsushita Electric Uses HEN・Toray ‒ Starts carbon fiber project・Starts sales of products using carbon fiber ・Toray ‒ Semi-works plant begins operation ・Toho Rayon enters competition・Toray ‒ Monthly production 35 tons ・Mitsubishi Rayon starts production ・Toray ‒ Launches Torayca thread with tensile strength 7000 MPa * HEN: Abbreviation of hydroxyethyl acrylonitrile. By copolymerization, firing time was reduced and great improvement in mechanical property was achieved.Fig. 1 Flow of carbon fiber development[19][20]D. Swinbanks: Graphitic carbon copies, Nature, 349, 97 (1991).(As in [17])J. Matsui: Carbon fibers, part 6: Industrialization of carbon fibers – Toray Industries Co. 1968-1979, Reinforced Plastics, 44 (1), 31 (1998) (in Japanese).(Page 160 right, subchapter 3.3: …And technological transfers were done 10 years prior to the actual marketing of the product.)


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