Vol.4 No.2 2011

Research paper : Thermoelectric hydrogen gas sensor (W. Shin et al.)−107−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.4 No.2 (2011) Answer (Woosuck Shin) Before the sensor research, I researched papers to take advantage of the thermoelectric research we had developed for the sensor application. I found a paper of 1985 reporting a bulk oxide gas sensor with Pt electrode on one side. Both the materials and designs of the sensors of the paper are developed and advanced in this research.4 Research of commercializationQuestion (Norimitsu Murayama) In this research, mass production facilities are equipped from the beginning, which made easy commercialization. I wonder if this method can be applied to other researches or if it is more beneficial to specific research types.Answer (Woosuck Shin) The materials research is a fundamental issue and the research of the catalyst material in this research was also carried out in the usual chemistry laboratory. The most important role of the process and test facility foreseeing mass production is to reduce the barrier to real application. I think these mass production facilities could be applied to most research and will become more and more important in speeding up the research and development.5 Publicity activitiesQuestion (Norimitsu Murayama) At first the application of the sensor was for the hydrogen stations, but it was changed and expanded to others such as leakage detection of air-tight tests and breath gas tests. To explore these unexpected applications, publicity activities need to be performed effectively. Which activity worked well in your case?Answer (Woosuck Shin) The press release and the material transfer were very effective to draw attention of society, and to lead to new applications.


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