Vol.4 No.2 2011

Synthesiology - English edition Vol.4 No.2 (Oct. 2011)ContentsMessages from the editorial boardResearch papersARGUS: Adaptive Recognition for General Use System 75 - 86 Its theoretical construction and applications - - - N. OtsuToward the use of humanoid robots as assemblies of content technologies 87 - 98 Realization of a biped humanoid robot allowing content creators to produce various expressions - - - S. Nakaoka, K. Miura, M. Morisawa, F. Kanehiro, K. Kaneko, S. Kajita and K. YokoiThermoelectric hydrogen gas sensor 99 - 107 Technology to secure safety in hydrogen usage and international standardization of hydrogen gas sensor - - - W. Shin, M. Nishibori and I. MatsubaraDemonstration of optical communication network for ultra high-definition image transmission108 - 118 Proof-of-concept experiment of image distribution over the dynamic optical path network - - - J. Kurumida and S. NamikiPaper supplement to “Study on the PAN carbon-fiber-innovation for modeling a successful 119 - 123R&D management” An excited-oscillation management model - - - O. Nakamura, T. Ohana, M. Tazawa, S. Yokota, W. Shinoda, O. Nakamura and J. ItohRound-table talksThird anniversary of Synthesiology 124 - 130Editorial policy 131 - 132Instructions for authors 133 - 134Letter from the editor 135−ii−


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