Vol.3 No.3 2010

−ii−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.3 No.3 (Dec. 2010)Contents189197214224234 240242196213223233239241243i-------244- - - J. Fukuda and T. Hibiya- - - A. Katoh, M. Urago and Y. Ohkami- - - Y. Nakamura and A. Domae- - - T. Itoh, T. Masuda and K. Tsukamoto- - - H. Suzuki and M. AkamatsuMessages from the editorial boardResearch papersAn optimum design method utilizing a strategic system design concept -Reduction of CO2 emissions at a datacenter by reusing emitted heat for agriculture-A methodology for improving reliability of complex systems-Synthesis of architectural design method and model checking- National electrical standards supporting international competition of Japanese manufacturing industries-Realization of a new capacitance standard and its traceability system-Development of a sensor system for animal watching to keep human health and food safety-A health monitoring system for chickens by using wireless sensors-InterviewMeta-engineering that promotes innovationEditorial policyInstructions for authorsLetter from the editor


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