Vol.2 No.3 2009

Research paper : Development of battery-operated portable high-energy X-ray sources (R. Suzuki)−228−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.2 No.3 (2009) already accomplished energy saving measures in this conceptual design, focusing on the technological aspect.Answer (Ryoichi Suzuki)Although I cannot write the details since it is an intellectual property, I added some descriptions on the technologies we considered in the conceptual design.3 Application to nondestructive evaluation and issuesQuestion and comment (Hisao Ichijo)In the manuscript, I think the originality will become clearer if the author adds his innovative and ingenious undertakings in the last paragraph. Also I think you should describe the possibility of application to nondestructive evaluation and the issues that must be solved.Answer (Ryoichi Suzuki)I integrated the wordings in the figures and the text. I added an explanation for the system without cold/hot water in the ultra-small accelerator. In this paragraph and the following one, I added how the topics of ultra-small accelerators and the development of the carbon nanostructure X-ray source linked together.4 Components of the researchQuestion and comment (Mitsuru Tanaka, Research Coordinator, AIST)I believe the components of this research are energy saving, downsizing, and the introduction of electron source. Wide-ranging technologies to support those components were nurtured in the research using the accelerator facility, and the actual measures to meet the powerful demands for energy saving and downsizing spurred the practical application, and the employment of important technology for high-performance electron source from exterior institutes also played the role in spurring the development. I think those were the syntheses of the Full Research.Answer (Ryoichi Suzuki)It was exactly as you pointed out. I rearranged the paper for better reading.5 The efficacy of the carbon nanostructure as the X-ray electron sourceQuestion and comment (Hisao Ichijo)In the manuscript, pertaining to the carbon nanostructure electron source and the X-ray source, you only describe that it is hopeful as an electron source for X-rays, but can you add descriptions and figures that explain how it is effective. Also, if you describe the various methods considered to solve the technological issues, the improvements that were expected by incorporating the carbon nanostructure electron source, and the process that led to this technological integration, I think the selection and integration of the elemental technologies will become clearer.Answer (Ryoichi Suzuki)Also considering the comments of Reviewer Tanaka, since this paragraph is the main theme of this paper, I summarized the points and placed them before the development process. I added the experimental results including the figures and provided detailed explanations. For the integration of carbon nanostructure technology, some explanations were added in the section on the circumstances.


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