Vol.2 No.3 2009

Research paper : Two types of lead users in a model for the transfer of technology into households (Y. Kubo et al.)−188−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.2 No.3 (2009) company. As in the keyboard arrangement, external factors such as preferences of some users affected the development in addition to the market mechanism.From the above investigation, the characteristics of the development and diffusion of the cooking method will be discussed. First, the development and diffusion of the cooking method that supplements IH innovation were not carried out by the major electric appliance company that was responsible for the technological development of IH. The advertisement by the electrical appliance company emphasized the point that the disadvantages of IH could be solved for consumers who were skeptical about IH, and there was no suggestion of a new cooking method utilizing the advantages of IH. The individuals who contributed to the development and diffusion were independent lead users who were not directly related to the power company or the appliance companies. They were not satisfied in simply accepting the existing cooking method like the general users, and actively offered suggestions for existing cooking utensils and methods. They were then supported by the power company, transmitted their suggestions to the household through the media such as books and magazines, and worked actively to develop and diffuse the cooking method.Next, the motivations for the two types of lead users are considered. For lead users who developed the cooking method, the motivation was the intellectual curiosity for the IH function and the quest for a practical cooking style. They were interested in the fact that the values of electricity entered by the user and the temperature change in the pan were reproducible, and that the temperature in the pan could be maintained constant. In the course of experimenting with these functions in cooking, they found a new cooking method that took advantage of the property where the bottom of the pan became hot. The developer became curious about the IH technology itself, and approached IH from the perspective of “scientific cooking.” This motivation led to the formation of an intelligent social infrastructure that stepped beyond profitabilityNote 10). The new cooking method was transmitted through the cooking articles in fashion magazines, but this was four years after the cooking method was discovered.Looking at the motivation of the lead users who led the diffusion, the select shop exercised a sensible intuition for social trends. The seven-color silicon spatulas that they intuitively developed were highly acclaimed in the goods articles of fashion magazines in a manner that had nothing to do with cooking, such as “colors that can be used by men” or “colors that match the color of the kitchen.” Such lead users were independent from the power company or the appliance companies. The fact that the period from 2004 to 2006 when the cooking method was transmitted to households through Fig. 3 Development and diffusion of cooking method in which frying is done by holding the silicon resin spatulas in both hands.Generation stage (1999~2000)Diffusion stage (2004~2006)Chef YSupport (business)2005~Support (research)1999~1999200019992006200420042005Knowledge transferCooking class coordinator NGeneration of twosilicon spatulacooking methodGeneration of twowooden spatulacooking methodImporter KCookery researcher WCookeryresearcher WWholesaler2004~Message through TVCM20062008Wooden spatulaSilicon resin spatulaFood stylistCSeller SSelect shopLaunch andmessage transmissionfor seven-color spatulas (goods article in magazines)Messagetransmission oftwo silicon spatulacooking method(sales promotionin stores)Messagetransmission oftwo silicon spatulacooking method(cooking articlein magazines)Sample provisionGeneralusersOriginalproductannouncedObservation2005Provision of new social valuesNot necessarily highCertainly better than beforePerformance ofdiffused artifact Magazines, select shop (in the building of electric company), TVCM, InternetTyping contests, typing schoolsBooks on etiquette, banquetsMediaenvironment thatpromotes diffusionMatch with social trendCompetition among users for typing abilityFormation of manners (harmonywith society)Driver of diffusionDevelopment of new cooking utilizing IH functionRealization of higher performanceImprovement of defects in existing productsDriver ofdevelopmentSensible lead userUser communityUserLeader of diffusionLogical lead userManufacturerLead userLeader of developmentCooking method in which frying is done by holding the silicon resin spatulas in both handsQWERTY keyboard arrangementThere are four prongs in a forkExampleCooking systemaccompanying IHtechnologyDavid Model[David,1985]Petrosky Model[Petrosky 1992] Table 1 Mechanism of IH innovation compared with the evolution of precursory artifacts.


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