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Research paper : Two types of lead users in a model for the transfer of technology into households (Y. Kubo et al.)−186−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.2 No.3 (2009) cooking. The silicon spatula could be used for cooking over heat since it is heat resistant to about 300 ºC. In IH cooking, the bottom of the pan becomes hot and frying takes place in the deep part of the pan, and spatulas must be used to scrape off the ingredients that adhere to the pan. Second, the method of using both hands to maneuver the cooking utensils was introduced as a new cooking method. When using gas, the pan had to be agitated so the ingredients would come in contact with the hot surface of the pan. In contrast, the bottom of the pan becomes hot in IH. There is no need to agitate the pan, and the tools are used to lift up and mix the ingredients. In IH cooking, the pan does not become hot if it is removed from the heat source, so it must be fixed and one does not touch the pan while cooking.As shown in Fig. 2, the new cooking method was introduced in a fashion magazine in 2004 by cookery researcher W who studied the IH cooking method. The cooking method using silicon spatula was introduced for the first time in 2006 in books and cooking magazines, and there was increased exposure in the cooking magazines. Overall, the percentage of new cooking methods including two wooden spatulas and one silicon spatula, which were precursors of the two silicon spatula method, was about 30 percent and not overwhelming, but it was sufficient to gain social recognition. In contrast, the manufacturer’s magazine ads showed strong intentions of providing correct technical information for IH against inappropriate ways of cooking, and there was no introduction of a new cooking methodNote 4). The information of the new cooking method was widely transmitted to prospective IH users mainly through fashion magazines where information flowed from lead users including cookery researchers, rather than companies manufacturing the IH cooking heater. For TVCMs, the all electrification sales promotion series by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) started in October 2004, and one of the versions aired in January 2006 featured a scene of mixing the ingredients with two wooden spatulas.5 Development and diffusion of the cooking method in which frying is done by holding silicon spatulas in both handsThe result of the interview survey on the development of the cooking method is summarized as follows. First, the electric power company played a major role in the development of the cooking method in which silicon spatulas are held in both hands. TEPCO started cooking demonstrations by famous chefs at a cooking class held at the Ginza TEPCO Building in 1999. Measurements and recordings of the cooking were done to create the IH recipes, in hope that the professional chefs would present specialized cooking methods for the new heater. A cooking school coordinator N observed that chef Y of a famous Chinese restaurant held the wooden spatulas in both hands when he made fried rice. This frying method was positioned as the new “IH cooking method” to counter the claim that IH was unsuitable for Chinese cooking because one could not “agitate” the pan as the pan must be lifted from the heater to do so. In the TEPCO’s TVCM aired on January 2006, there was a scene showing a boy making fried rice in an IH cooking school and he used two wooden spatulas to stir.Second, a cookery researcher who studied IH cooking also played a major role. Cookery researcher W replaced the stove in her cooking school to IH in 2000, and decided to study IH cooking. She frequently exchanged information with aforementioned N about how to make fried rice with IH, and learned about the cooking method using two wooden spatulas. W immediately realized the problem where the rice adhered to the wooden spatula in this cooking method, and after experimenting to solve this issue, she found that the method of holding the silicon Fig. 2 Changes in the new IH cooking method transmitted by the media.*1 For TVCM, years 2002~2003 were not surveyed.*2 New cooking methods include use of two wooden spatulas and one silicon spatula, that were used before arriving at the two silicon spatula cooking method.Number of cooking cases using the new cooking method*2Total number of frying pan cooking cases using IHNew cooking method [Cases][Year]200820072006200520042003 *12002 *1109876543210ba0000090000000100000000000003007000130011227700011636340013010093011TV CMMagazine adFashion magazinesCooking magazinesCook books


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