Vol.11 no.3 2019

-English edition-English editionAIST11-A00005-28 Published by AIST Vol.11 No.3 February 201920183Highlights of the Papers in SynthesiologyResearch papers CommentaryEditorial policy Instructions for authorsLetter from the editorAim of SynthesiologyChallenge towards synthesis of non-silica-based hybrid mesoporous materials—Level of compositional design and control of mesoporous materials achieved so far— T.KIMURAHigh-value materials from incineration residues of burnable garbage —Production of silica with high specific surface area from “molten slag” and direct transformation of silica to basic raw material for silicon chemical industry—N.FUKAYA, S. KATAOKA and J-C. CHOIDevelopment and commercialization of laser inspection system to detect surface flaws of machined holesS.OKADA, O. NAKAMURA and Y. ESAKIContributing to the SpaceWire international standard—Successful factors for the development of a de jure standard—H.HIHARA, M. NOMACHI and T. TAKAHASHI

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