Vol.11 no.3 2019

Research paper : Development and commercialization of laser inspection system to detect surface aws of machined holes (S. OKADA et al.)−139−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.11 No.3 (2018) the minimum for the specular reection light image in most defects, while he light intensity increases and may surpass the maximum in the case of glossy defects. Similarly, even in the scattered light image, the defect candidates are the parts in which the scattered light surpasses the upper and lower limits. Here, investigation was done for the difference in response against surface contamination and color between specular reflection light and scattered light using a white tape. In the specular reflection light image, the reflection light intensity increased due to the white tape and was judged as a candidate of a glossy defect, but in the scattered light image, the laser beam did not scatter on the tape surface, the light intensity change was small, and it was judged to be not a defect. Also, in the case there are small holes on the surface, both specular reection light and scattered light decrease, and they can be judged as defects. As it can be seen, the reliability of inspection could be increased using the two inspection images, and it was extremely effective in preventing erroneous judgment.In order to conduct the collaborative research activities smoothly and efciently, the collaborative research unit made efforts to maintain the line of communication by holding a progress meeting which the President attended every other month, gave reports on the development status, and opinions were exchanged about the technological issues, the measures, and long- and short-term development processes. Occasionally, the President determined the policy. Also, if any problems arose, emergency meetings were held by the personnel-in-charge, to conduct quick review and changes of Fig. 12 Light intensity detection image of specular reection lightFig. 13 Light intensity detection image of scattered light204060(mm)0501001502000250(mm)Circumferential directionNumber of pixelAxial directionLight intensityWhite tape501001502000250(mm)204060(mm)0Circumferential directionNumber of pixelAxial directionLight intensity

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