Vol.11 no.3 2019

Research paper : Development and commercialization of laser inspection system to detect surface aws of machined holes (S. OKADA et al.)−137−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.11 No.3 (2018) into introducing a laser defect inspection system that could inspect small defects.Joint research was started in 2000, and the laser defect inspection system for external defects of cylindrical parts was jointly developed by AIST and Sigma in 2002. Figure 10 shows the device. Since the external inspection system using laser beams exceeded expectations in small defect inspection, President Shitanaka proposed to start a business to commercialize and sell the laser defect inspection system that was not yet known in society, and to jointly develop a new laser defect inspection system for the inner surfaces of cylinder bores for automobile manufacturers.4 Acceleration of R&D through the establishment of collaborative research unitIn 2001, research institutes under the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Ministry of International Trade and Industry underwent a major re-organization into the Fig. 10 Inspection system for outer surface aws of cylindrical automobile partsInspection probeCylindrical partsFig. 9 Examples of inspection images of inner wall surfaces of machined holesIndentation awHoleHoleHoleCircumferential directionCircumferential directionScratch80(mm)6040200020406080(mm)20406080(mm)0Axial directionAxial direction80(mm)6040200(b)Light intensity image of scatteredlight and diracted light(a)Light intensity image of specularreection light

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