Vol.11 no.3 2019

−ii−Synthesiology – English edition Vol.11 No.3 (Feb. 2019)ContentsHighlights of the Papers in Synthesiology Research papersChallenge towards synthesis of non-silica-based hybrid mesoporous materials 111 – 123—Level of compositional design and control of mesoporous materials achieved so far—- - - T. KIMURAHigh-value materials from incineration residues of burnable garbage 124 – 132—Production of silica with high specic surface area from “molten slag” and direct transformation of silica to basic raw material for silicon chemical industry—- - - N. FUKAYA, S. KATAOKA and J-C. CHOIDevelopment and commercialization of laser inspection system to detect surface aws of machined holes 133 – 145- - - S. OKADA, O. NAKAMURA and Y. ESAKICommentaryContributing to the SpaceWire international standard 146 – 157—Successful factors for the development of a de jure standard—- - - H. HIHARA, M. NOMACHI and T. TAKAHASHIEditorial policy 158 – 159Instructions for authors 160 – 161Letter from the editor 162Aim of Synthesiology

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