Vol.11 no.3 2019

Research paper−133−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.11 No.3 pp.133 –145 (Feb. 2019) In this paper, we explain the development of a system that enables measurement of glossy and mirror surfaces using semiconductor lasers that is the core technology in the development of a laser defect inspection system. Then, we describe the course and the collaborative activities for developing and commercializing the original laser defect inspection system for specic targets including the exterior/interior surfaces of cylinders and the interior of machined holes with various diameters, starting with the surface defect inspection of high-grade steel sheets that was initiated after technological consultation from a regional company. Then, the significance of this development and prospects for the future will be addressed.2 Course toward development of laser defect inspection systemEver since 1980, semiconductor laser elements that irradiated at a wide range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to near-infrared light were developed successively, and industrial application of laser beams expanded rapidly. In the field of industrial measurement, in place of the conventional large gas lasers that were vulnerable to impact and vibration, there was growing demand for measurement technology using semiconductor lasers that were small, lightweight, and easy to handle. Based on this background, Okada et al. were motivated to engage in R&D for new industrial measurement technology that efficiently utilized the characteristic of semiconductor lasers.First, to conduct stable and highly precise measurement of molds and parts that are glossy, high-grade, and with free-form surfaces, Okada engaged in the development of form 1 IntroductionTo guarantee that the parts assembled in the automobiles will perform and function as designed, external inspection of the parts is essential. While there is much money spent on automating inspection in anticipation of future labor shortage, there are many areas that remain dependent on visual inspections, and there is strong demand for high-performance automatic inspection technology.[1] Visual inspections are carried out for the inner wall surfaces of machined holes with various diameters of cylinder bores, automatic transmission valve bodies, hydraulic cylinders, and others that are important safety parts of automobiles, since they have particularly strict inspection standards. As no oversight is tolerated, there is demand for high-precision and high-speed automated inspection technology that can detect minute flaws and defects of about 0.1 mm. Systems with various methods have been developed such as eddy current, camera imaging, and laser reflection, but none attained the level that could satisfy on-site demands. Okada et al. have engaged in R&D of advanced industrial measurement systems using semiconductor lasers that are small, lightweight, and easy to handle, and developed new devices that could measure glossy or mirror surfaces that were difficult to measure with conventional measurement technology. Utilizing this experience, and collaborating closely with regional companies, AIST and Sigma engaged in the development of a system to conduct high-speed and high-precision inspection for minute aws and defects on the inner wall surfaces of machined holes with various diameters, and nally succeeded in developing and commercializing a laser defect inspection system.An indispensable aspect of manufacturing is the external inspection of all product parts. For example, in the manufacturing of cars, autonomous inspection technology is required to detect minute flaws on glossy or mirror surfaces, which are easily overlooked by visual inspection. In this paper, we report on the history, significance, and future development of an innovative defect inspection system, “ANALYZER,” which has been developed and commercialized. This system utilizes AIST technology—optical diffraction by semiconductor laser—to realize accurate, autonomous inspection of inner wall surfaces of high quality machined holes of various sizes.Development and commercialization of laser inspection system to detect surface aws of machined holes Keywords : Flaw defects inspection system, semiconductor laser, diffracted light, optical ber, cylinder bore [Translation from Synthesiology, Vol.11, No.3, p.137–147 (2018)]Saburo OKADA1*, Osamu NAKAMURA1 and Yasufumi ESAKI21.Chugoku, AIST 3-11-32 Kagami-yama, Higashi-hiroshima 739-0046, Japan *E-mail:, 2. Sigma Corporation 9-2-28 Kegoya, Kure 737-0012, JapanOriginal manuscript received May 18, 2018, Revisions received July 10, 2018, Accepted July 12, 2018

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