AIST Stories No2

Editor and Publisher: The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)Enquiries: AIST Planning Headquarters, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Building, 1-3-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8921 www.aist.go.jpCover photograph: Nikko (Pacific saury/ sherbet-like brackish ice)Contents page photograph: Nikko (sherbet-like brackish ice) ● Unauthorized reproduction of the articles in this magazine is strictly prohibited. Ⓒ2014 AISTFrom AIST to the Innovative WorldSupporting, changing, and creating the future of life and societyAIST Stories 2014 No.233AAsbestos substitute material ───────────────8BBrain-Machine Interface (BMI) ─────────────16Brain science ─────────────────────16CCarbonated beverage ──────────────────28Caregiving support ───────────────────16Ceramic ────────────────────────2Chinese traditional medicine ───────────────14Coating (material) ──────────────────2, 8Compact dosimeter ───────────────────20DDigital content ─────────────────────26EElectronic device ────────────────────18Electronic component ──────────────────18Energy security ────────────────────22FFlame-retardant interior material ────────────8Food and pharmaceutical packaging ───────────8Food distribution ────────────────────24Freshness retention technology ─────────────24Fuel cell tank ─────────────────────8GGasket ────────────────────────8Genetically modified plant ────────────────14HHatsune Miku ─────────────────────26IIce-making machine ──────────────────24LLithium ion battery ───────────────────2Low-temperature surgery ────────────────24MMarine resource development ──────────────22Methane hydrate ────────────────────22Music appreciation ───────────────────26Music content ─────────────────────26Music video ──────────────────────26NNatural gas ──────────────────────22Natural resource development ──────────────22Natural sweetener ───────────────────28Nuclear accident recovery work ─────────────20OOrganic EL display ───────────────────8PPharmaceutical ─────────────────────14Plant factory ──────────────────────14Portable device ────────────────────18RRadiation exposure ───────────────────20Rare metal───────────────────────18Recycling ───────────────────────18Refrigeration technology ────────────────24SSealant ────────────────────────8Semiconductor ─────────────────────2Singing voice synthesis ─────────────────26Soft drink ───────────────────────28Solar cell ───────────────────────2Support of daily lives ──────────────────16TTelecommunications device ───────────────18UUrban mine ──────────────────────18VVeterinary drugs ────────────────────14Vocaloid ────────────────────────26WWelfare support ────────────────────16●QR codeYouTube AIST CHANNEL Twitter HPhttp://www.aist.go.jp4. Structural approach.In this edition, we introduce these trends concretely as outlined below. •Claist (using clay crystals as is) •Neurocommunicator menu (using neither the alphabet nor Japanese syllabary)•Tantalum capacitor urban mine (the capacitor itself is not crushed into pieces)• Rhythms, melodies and hooks for musical understanding (the musical note level is not used) The general style of fundamental research is to thoroughly partition the constituent elements of something but not being restricted by this, AIST researchers are practicing full research that freely migrates between basic and applied research objectives in order to achieve swift product commercialization.We once again came to think that this is the stance of AIST researchers. The birth cry of “From AIST to the Innovative World” came from a word from the top, namely from AIST President Ryoji Chubachi. Happily, our first issue was well received by our readers. The entire staff is filled with a sense of gratitude. Meanwhile, thanks to guidance, words of encouragement, and advice from our readers, we have been able to publish this second issue.During the editing process, we came to be aware that the foundations of R&D carried out by AIST were directed at specific themes: 1. Display of collective strength (in this issue: plant factory, neurocommunicator, urban mine, compact dosimeter, methane hydrate);2. Contributing to the promotion of local industries (Claist, plant factory, methane hydrate, sherbet-like brackish ice);3. Contributing to small- and medium-scale companies (AD method, Claist, plant factory, urban mine, sherbet-like brackish ice);Editorial postscriptIndexKeywords that are familiar to us