AIST Stories No2

32From AIST to the Innovative WorldContentsAIST Stories 2013 No.1BacknumberLeading the way AIST!IT Appliances with Zero Standby Power: Is the Dream Close to Reality?Potential as a construction material that regulates humidity as if it were breathing Spintronics: A fusion of electronics and magnetics4Shinji YuasaHumidity-regulating tiles: Spotlight on an eco-construction material10Masaki MaedaPersonal care robots spread out as a “new infrastructure”Personal care robots supporting an ageing society20Into the future AIST!16A Revolution in Power Electronics Made Possible by Semiconductor Silicon CarbideSemiconductor Silicon Carbide (SiC)18Great expectations for a dream material 〈21st Century Industrial Revolution〉Development of commercial-scale production technology for single-wall carbon nanotubesAIST in present day living!The extended continental shelf: Impetus for a marine resources survey contributing to future societyExtention of Japan’s continental shelf22Robot rises to the challenge of surveying an extreme environment unapproachable by humansEnvironmental survey of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant by high-access survey robot24Another success at AIST!From fishing rods to aircraftCarbon fiber development processCarbon fiber development30AIST supporting livehoods!The people and technology behind correct measurement, which is quite common nowadaysThe leading organization in Japan for metrological technology26Precursor phenomena for a mega-earthquakeFluctuation of slow slips beneath deep under the groundObservation network for the Mega-earthquakes in the Nankai Trough28Photograph: JQATsunamiNankai TroughSlipPhilippineSea Plate