AIST Stories No2

2014 2No.AIST in present day living! Another success at AIST!A compact personal dosimeterReliably Measuring Invisible Radiation so Residents can Return Home without Fear20A personal dosimeter with a sense of mobility that feels like a charm.Delivering peace of mind with accurate measurement, contributing to recovery support.Natural sweetener manufacturing technology winning over the worldAIST’s first patent export dramatically changed the food industry28Naturally-sweetened sweets throughout the world use manufacturing technology based on glucose isomerase technology developed by AIST 50 years ago.AIST supporting livelihoods! Sherbet-like brackish ice for preserving freshness of seafoodFreshness is vital! AIST technology delivers delicious fish to the table24We want you to eat delicious fish! Wrapped up gently in micro-ice. Freshness retained anytime, anywhere!Understanding music to bring out the true value of digital musicProposing New Ways to Enjoy Music and Supporting the Digital Content Industry26The power of technology making music more enjoyable! A richer music appreciation through music understanding technologySinging synthesis technology further expands Japan’s strengths and an advanced content culture.A new energy resource drawing attention“Fiery ice” resting beneath the seabedThe promise of methane hydrate22Natural gas extracted from the seabed by a process similar to suction through a straw.Where? How much is there? At what cost? AIST is addressing these issues.On the publication of “From AIST to the Innovative World”Just what is AIST? Many of you may have this very question. You might have heard of the organization but you have no idea what it actually does. This might apply to many of you. From AIST to the Innovative World is published with the intent of answering such questions for you. We want to communicate the fact that technologies developed by AIST are actually playing roles in your day-to-day activities. Further, the strenuous efforts of AIST researchers to support people’s lives and create a better future for everyone are presented.Index (keywords that are familiar to us)33