AIST Stories No2

AISTSupporting, changing, and creating the future of life and societyFrom to the Innovative WorldContentsAIST Stories 2014 No.2Leading the way AIST!Into the future AIST!The AD method: an innovative coating technology that defies conventional wisdomA robust ceramic film can be realized without firing, merely through spraying!2Jun AkedoA ball of mud hits a wall and adheres to it. An idea that came from children playing became the driving force that brought about a revolution in manufacturing using AIST technologyClaist: a high-performance clay-based thin filmA clay-based film boasting astounding gas barrier properties and heat resistance8Takeo EbinaHigh quality clay sleeping in the earth of the Tohoku region replaces asbestos. A savior for the high-tech industry and a blessing for manufacturing. 14A World First! A Canine Medicine Derived from GM Plants Comes onto the MarketGrowing GM strawberries in a completely closed system plant factoryBiotechnology and plant factories transform 21st century agriculture into a new industry.Curing periodontal disease; your doggie will want to grin!16Understanding the Wishes of Patients through Fast and Accurate CommunicationCommunicating by brain waves: the NeurocommunicatorTies between people begin with communication. Realizing “remembering” = “linking people and communicating with them” through AIST’s brain wave analysisA world-leading recycling technology from AISTHigh-efficiency recovery of a rare metal from “urban mines!”18A treasure trove in the mist of your day-to-day life. A cutting-edge recycling system that chews up and swallows consumer electronic devices, and separates out and concentrates rare metals.