AIST Stories No1

From AIST to the Innovative World4Director, Spintronics Research CenterShinji Yuasa Hard disk drive (HDD) magnetic heads based on spintronics were commercialized in 2007 and have greatly contributed to the reduction in the power consumption of computer systems. If we can now use the technology to develop high performance non-volatile memory, we will be able to realize “normally-off computers” that have large memory capacities but do not require any standby power at all. This will further improve the energy efficiency of electronic appliances. The new technologies will contribute to the environmental conservation, and at the same time will reduce the inconvenience of powering and recharging devices.Our life and society will change in this way!IT Appliances with Zero Standby Power: Is the Dream Close to Reality?A technology that the whole world has been waiting for is being developed from AIST’s fundamental research.Spintronics: a fusion of electronics and magneticsLeading the wayA market share of 100% for revolutionary HDD read headsThe technologies of electronics are the basis of electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones and are an essential part of our modern lifestyles, but they consume large amounts of electrical power. The use of computers and other IT devices will continue to grow in the future, which will naturally lead to increasing levels of power consumption. Suppressing power consumption by electronic devices, which contributes to the global problem of climate change, is a very important issue.For example, in personal computers, servers and data centers, there are two major factors that increase power consumption. One is that the power consumption of data storage (mainly HDD) is large. The other is that memory devices are volatile, which means that any stored data is AIST!