AIST Stories No1

From AIST to the Innovative World2AISTSupporting, changing, and creating the future of life and societyFrom to the Innovative WorldContentsAIST Stories 2013 No.1Leading the way AIST!Into the future AIST!Spintronics: A fusion of electronics and magneticsIT Appliances with Zero Standby Power: Is the Dream Close to Reality?4Shinji YuasaThe quest for next-generation PCs equipped with large capacity/zero standby electricity non-volatile memory, equipped through “Spintronics.” Contributing to society through energy-conserving electronic devices.Humidity-regulating tiles: Spotlight on an eco-construction materialPotential as a construction material that regulates humidity as if it were breathing10Masaki MaedaA humidity-regulating construction material that can maintain room humidity at a comfortable level without the need for power.A gentle environment for households and their occupants; with reduced air-conditioner usage16A Revolution in Power Electronics Made Possible by Semiconductor Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Silicon Carbide (SiC) Modern society would break down without electricity. Reducing waste and living smartly with SiC power devices that effectively utilize electricity.18Great expectations for a dream material〈21st Century Industrial Revolution〉Development of commercial-scale production technology for single-wall carbon nanotubesThe same carbon as soot, but becoming a treasure via a slight change in formCarbon nanotubes. A dream material of lightness and strength opens up the future.Personal care robots supporting an ageing societyPersonal care robots spread out as a “new infrastructure”20Helpful in reducing the burden of care giving, carrying out housework, and maintaining/promoting healthPersonal care robots: from future technology to familiar technology.