Vol.5 No.3 2012

−219−Synthesiology Vol.5 No.3(2012)Synthesiology Instructions for AuthorsInstructions for Authors“Synthesiology” Editorial BoardEstablished December 26, 2007Revised June 18, 2008Revised October 24, 2008Revised March 23, 2009Revised August 5, 2010Revised February 16, 20121 Types of contributionsResearch papers or editorials and manuscripts to the “Readers’ Forum” should be submitted to the Editorial Board. After receiving the manuscript, if the editorial board judges it necessary, the reviewers may give an interview to the author(s) in person or by phone to clarify points in addition to the exchange of the reviewers’reports.2 Qualification of contributorsThere are no limitations regarding author affiliation or discipline as long as the content of the submitted article meets the editorial policy of Synthesiology, except authorship should be clearly stated. (It should be clearly stated that all authors have made essential contributions to the paper.)3 Manuscripts3.1 General3.1.1 Articles may be submitted in Japanese or English.Accepted articles will be published in Synthesiology (ISSN 1882-6229) in the language they were submitted. All articles will also be published in Synthesiology - English edition (ISSN 1883-0978). The English edition will be distributed throughout the world approximately four months after the original Synthesiology issue is published. Articles written in English will be published in English in both the original Synthesiology as well as the English edition. Authors who write articles for Synthesiology in Japanese will be asked to provide English translations for the English edition of the journal within 2 months after the original edition is published.3.1.2 Research papers should comply with the structure and format stated below, and editorials should also comply with the same structure and format except subtitles and abstracts are unnecessary. Manuscripts for “Readers’ Forum” shall be comments on or impressions of articles in Synthesiology, or beneficial information for the readers, and should be written in a free style of no more than 1,200 words. Editorials and manuscripts for “Readers’ Forum” will be reviewed by the Editorial Board prior to being approved for publication.3.1.3 Research papers should only be original papers (new literary work).3.1.4 Research papers should comply with various guidelines of research ethics.3.2 Structure3.2.1 The manuscript should include a title (including subtitle), abstract, the name(s) of author(s), institution/contact, main text, and keywords (about 5 words).3.2.2 Title, abstract, name of author(s), keywords, and institution/contact shall be provided in Japanese and English.3.2.3 The manuscript shall be prepared using word processors or similar devices, and printed on A4-size portrait (vertical) sheets of paper. The length of the manuscript shall be, about 6 printed pages including figures, tables, and photographs.3.2.4 Research papers and editorials shall have front covers and the category of the articles (research paper or editorial) shall be stated clearly on the cover sheets.3.2.5 The title should be about 10-20 Japanese characters (5-10 English words), and readily understandable for a diverse readership background. Research papers shall have subtitles of about 15-25 Japanese characters (7-15 English words) to help recognition by specialists.3.2.6 The abstract should include the thoughts behind the integration of technological elements and the reason for their selection as well as the scenario for utilizing the research results in society.3.2.7 The abstract should be 300 Japanese characters or less (125 English words). The Japanese abstract may be omitted in the English edition.3.2.8 The main text should be about 9,000 Japanese characters (3,400 English words).3.2.9 The article submitted should be accompanied by profiles of all authors, of about 200 Japanese characters (75 English words) for each author. The essential contribution of each author to the paper should also be included. Confirm that all persons who have made essential contributions to the paper are included.3.2.10 Discussion with reviewers regarding the


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