Vol.5 No.3 2012

−215−Synthesiology Vol.5 No.3(2012)Synthesiology MessageMESSAGES FROM THE EDITORIAL BOARDThere has been a wide gap between science and society. The last three hundred years of the history of modern science indicates to us that many research results disappeared or took a long time to become useful to society. Due to the difficulties of bridging this gap, it has been recently called the valley of death or the nightmare stage (Note 1). Rather than passively waiting, therefore, researchers and engineers who understand the potential of the research should be active.To bridge the gap, technology integration (i.e. Type 2 Basic Research − Note 2) of scientific findings for utilizing them in society, in addition to analytical research, has been one of the wheels of progress (i.e. Full Research − Note 3). Traditional journals, have been collecting much analytical type knowledge that is factual knowledge and establishing many scientific disciplines (i.e. Type 1 Basic Research − Note 4). Technology integration research activities, on the other hand, have been kept as personal know-how. They have not been formalized as universal knowledge of what ought to be done. As there must be common theories, principles, and practices in the methodologies of tech-nology integration, we regard it as basic research. This is the reason why we have decided to publish “Synthesiology”, a new academic journal. Synthesiology is a coined word com-bining “synthesis” and “ology”. Synthesis which has its origin in Greek means integra-tion. Ology is a suffix attached to scientific disciplines.Each paper in this journal will present scenarios selected for their societal value, identify elemental knowledge and/or technologies to be integrated, and describe the procedures and processes to achieve this goal. Through the publishing of papers in this journal, re-searchers and engineers can enhance the transformation of scientific outputs into the soci-etal prosperity and make technical contributions to sustainable development. Efforts such as this will serve to increase the significance of research activities to society.We look forward to your active contributions of papers on technology integration to the journal.“Synthesiology” Editorial Board


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