Vol.11 No.2 2018

報告:Additive manufacturing of ceramic components (大司)−91−Synthesiology Vol.11 No.2(2018)AcknowledgementThis work was conducted as part of the “High-Value Added Ceramic Products Manufacturing Technologies” project supported by CSTI, SIP, “Innovative design/manufacturing technologies (managed by NEDO).” The author, who serves as a leader of the AM group of this project, is most grateful to the participants for their courtesy of allowing him to describe their achievements in this article.References[1]High-Value Added Ceramic Products Manufacturing Technologies, http://www.hcmt.website, accessed 2017-07-20.[2]K. Nonomura: Future of ceramics exploited by 3D printer, Nikkei Monodukuri, 742, 75–82 (2016) (in Japanese).[3]T. Ohji: Additive manufacturing of ceramics, Bull. Ceram. Soc. Japan, 52 (10), 683–686 (2017) (in Japanese).[4]J. Akedo and K. Shinoda: Overview: Hybrid coating technologies, Bull. Ceram. Soc. Japan, 52 (10), 687–691 (2017) (in Japanese).[5]S. Singh, S. Ramakrishna and R. 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