Vol.11 No.2 2018

報告:Additive manufacturing of ceramic components (大司)−82−Synthesiology Vol.11 No.2(2018)competitiveness of Japan’s ceramic industry. This article will rst briey outline the HCMT project and describe the general status of the current AM technologies; then it will focus on the R&D strategies and the latest achievements on AM of ceramics in this project. 2 Overview of HCMT project The HCMT project deals with R&D on “product manufacturing (PM)” as well as AM and HC. Figure 2 shows the R&D items in each of AM, HC, and PM. In AM, powder-layer manufacturing (PLM) and slurry-layer manufacturing (SLM) technologies are being developed for actualizing mold-free production of green (or formed) bodies of complex-shaped components, in addition to ceramic laser sintering (CLS) which realizes concurrent forming and sintering. HC focuses on hybrid aerosol deposition (HAD) and ne-particle thermal spraying (FTS) for highly adhesive coating onto 3D shaped substrates (including polymer and metal), enhancing functions and durability of products. Based on these two developed platforms, we try to establish manufacturing technologies for a variety of target products of high value in Fig. 1 Conventional ceramic manufacturing process and high-value added manufacturing technology to be developedKyuushu UnivTohoku UnivCore R&DAM•PLM•SLM•CLSPlatform technologiesPMTOTONGK Insulator NGK Spark PlugNoritakeAISTOsaka UnivHC•HAD•FTS Main bodyDispatching researchersJFCCPowder preparationDewaxingFormingGranulationMold makingBoneprosthesisLifeSemiconductorproduction partsJoint headsPlasma-proof partsPortabletoiletCastingcoresWaterlterMedicalIndustryFinishingMachiningSinteringConventional ceramic manufacturingHybrid coatingNew function,better performance, etc.Additive manufacturingComplex shaping,compact process, etc.Innovative ceramic productsHigh-value added manufacturing technologyFig. 2 R&D items and participating organizations of HCMT projectAM: Additive Manufacturing, PLM: Powder-Layer Manufacturing, SLM: Slurry-Layer Manufacturing, CLS: Ceramic Laser Sintering, HC: Hybrid Coating, HAD: Hybrid Aerosol Deposition, FTS: Fine-particle Thermal Spraying, PM: Product Manufacturing

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