サンプル _Greeting from the Director

Director-General, AIST Chugoku
Dr.Masato TAZAWA

AIST Chugoku, located at Hiroshima Research Park in Hiroshima prefecture, promotes research works and collaboration programs with stakeholders in the chugoku region.

The research works are carried out by a research institute called Research Institute for Sustainable Chemistry whose main research fields are from creating and evaluating various basic/functional chemicals to “diagnosing” organic materials widely used in industry. Actually, the research institute is collaborating successfully with many industrial companies mainly from western Japan.

The collaboration programs are promoted by the collaboration center of AIST chugoku which has the technological information of whole research works of AIST and provides it for industries and local governments in chugoku region. Now we are building collaboration network with universities, public R&D institutes and private companies, successfully.

We will be contributing more to improvement of the Japanese industry by research works in organic materials field and promoting collaborations of all-AIST with universities, companies and other research institutes.

AIST Chugoku

Location : 3-11-32 Kagami-yama, Higashi-hiroshima, Hiroshima739-0046, Japan
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