Database for Research Result Presentations (RRPDB)

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Sorry, Now RRPDB is not available.

The database for research result presentations is a database which covers various research result presentations of the national institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Published articles, Oral presentations ,Books , Databases, Softwares ,Measurement standards, Geoscience, Events and Press releases.

  • The Database for Research Result Presentations
    Update: Every Monday.
    Publication date: 1 Apr. 2001 - last Monday.
  • Manual

The contents of the database is not limited to published articles, oral presentations and books but also include databases, software and other social infrastructures like measurement standards and geoscience.

We expect that this database works as a rich source of high-technology information and presents the trends of research by opening the database to the public. The database may be useful for finding technological seeds which promote collaboration among the industrial world, academia, government and AIST.

The database is simple to use. Please try to search the research result presentations of AIST by specifying the words of your interest. (If you have any trouble in using it, please refer to the manual of the database.) Topics or technology of your interest may be covered by research at AIST.

The database contains the information of research results which have been presented after April 2001 when AIST was established. The database is updated every Monday.

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