Geological Survey of Japan - Project funded by Nuclear Regulation Authority

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Type C (Specially Appointed Position) 

 Type C is a specially appointed position to undertake externally funded research project. Exclusive working duty is imposed on successful candidates. See also here.
Entry ID
Job Posting Title
 Experimental research on magmatic processes*
 *Based on the research project on processes of caldera formation funded by Nuclear Regulation Authority
Available Positions
 Research scientist appointed with the research unit below. 1 position available.
Job Summary
 We welcome applicants with research backgrounds in high-pressure and high-temperature experiments, as well as microanalysis and/or thermodynamic analysis, within the fields of volcanology and igneous petrology.
Starting Date
 The earliest possible date after 1 April 2019
Period of Employment
 Up to 3 years or up to March 31st, 2022 - The term may be renewed until March 31st, 2024 if the project will be renewed.
Location of Work
 Tsukuba Center (1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki)
Salary and Benefits
 Salary decision for the successful candidate will be made under monthly salary system. Monthly base salary will be determined commensurate with a successful candidate's academic career and professional experience, starting from JPY 300,500(before tax). Work responsibility allowance, overtime allowance and commuting allowance are separately provided in accordance with the Rules on Fixed-term Employees. Estimated annual salary for a new Ph.D. graduate aged 28 is JPY 6,000,000 including bonus (before tax).
 The mutual aid association of METI offers a package of benefits including Health insurance, Pension, Employment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation. 
Research Unit
Research Institute of Earthquake and Volcano Geology

 Tel: +81-29-861-3691
 e-mail: ievg-obo-ml@aist.go.jp
 (Please replace * with @.)

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