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Type C (Specially Appointed Position) 

 Type C is a specially appointed position to undertake externally funded research project. Exclusive working duty is imposed on successful candidates. See also here.
Entry ID
Job Posting Title
 Research and Development of Superconducting Quantum Compert*
 *funded by Quantum Leap Flagship Research Program (Q-LEAP)
Available Positions
 Research scientist appointed with the research unit below. 1 position available.
Job Summary
 Nanoelectroics Research Institute is seeking highly qualified candidates for a research position regarding the developing high performance and large-scaled superconducting quantum computer chips. The succesfull candidate should have ability and knowledge for materials science and process technologies. R & D experiences in the private sector are also potsitively evaluated.
Starting Date
 The earliest possible date after 1 April 2019
Period of Employment
 Up to 5 years - The term may be renewed.
Location of Work
 Tsukuba Center (1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki)
Salary and Benefits
 Salary decision for the successful candidate will be made under monthly salary system. Monthly base salary will be determined commensurate with a successful candidate's academic career and professional experience, starting from JPY 300,500(before tax). Work responsibility allowance, overtime allowance and commuting allowance are separately provided in accordance with the Rules on Fixed-term Employees. Estimated annual salary for a new Ph.D. graduate aged 28 is JPY 6,000,000 including bonus (before tax).
 The mutual aid association of METI offers a package of benefits including Health insurance, Pension, Employment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation. 
Research Unit
 Nanoelectronics Research Institute
 Dr. Masahiro Ukibe, Nanoelectronics Research Institute
 e-mail: ukibe-m*aist.go.jp
 (Please replace * with @.)

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