Information Technology and Human Factors (2017 Second Round)

The rapid growth of devices (smartphone, tablets, robots, wearables, etc.) and the Internet has increased the amount of information that is being produced and accessed by society. In order to better utilize the data produced from millions of devices and systems, we are conducting research and development in a wide range of fields at the interface between information technologies and human factors. Our mission is to engage and enrich the public through the research and development of intelligent systems combining computational and physical capabilities for human use. A key component of our mission is making new discoveries in the hardware and software that interacts with physical devices to sense and change the state of the real world. Our discoveries will lead to industry innovations and contribute to the advancement of society by facilitating the interaction of humans with cyber-physical systems.

Type A (Tenure-track position)/Type B (Tenured position)

  • AIST seeks research scientists with outstanding abilities and/or potential for conducting innovative R&D activities in wide range of fields of science and technology. Research scientists will be employed for tenure-track (Type A), or tenured positions (Type B).
  • Recruitment and Employment Committeee of AIST will determine which positions are suitable for an successful applicant.
  • Tenure of an employed research scientist for Type A is 5 years, however, tenure can be reduced to 3 yeras based on decision by the committee.
  • A tenure-track research scientist can be promoted to a research scientist for a tenured position by qualifying "tenure review". The tenure review will be carried out about 18 months before tenure expires. The scope of the tenure review is to quantify contributions to AIST missions, and performance in term. In the last 5 years, more than 90% of tenure-track research scientists have been qualified.

【CLOSED】Following is the list of job opportunities which are now open for recruitment. Deadline is 17:00 October 11, 2017 (Wed)(JST).

Entry ID
Title Research and Development on Human Factors Engineering
Details of Job Opportunity We are recruiting researchers to investigate how human factors such as human physiology, cognitive motor skills, and cognitive perception, impact on realization of a safe and comfortable life in society. This position will engage in research and development of technologies for the measurement and evaluation of human activities including vehicle operation. We are especially seeking researchers who have extensive motivation to apply research outcomes to industry and society.
Start of Employment April 1, 2018
Research Unit
Automotive Human Factors Research Center
(AIST Tsukuba)
URL https://unit.aist.go.jp/ahf/about.html
Inquiry E-mail: ith-jobs-ml*aist.go.jp
(Replace "*" to "@" for sending email)
Tel: +81-29-862-6028
Number of Position 1 position

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