Information Technology and Human Factors (ITH-20)

Type C (Specially appointed position) 

  • AIST seeks research scientists who have sufficient expertise for joining R&D projects AIST is trusted by finantial institutions.
  • Applicants should possess, or be scheduled to earn, a doctoral degree before the day of employment. Applicants with equivalent qualification are also welcome for application.
  • Exclusive working duty is imposed on successful applicants, since the job opportunities are sponsored by financial institutions. Several restrictions on research activities may be applied.
  • Tenure is generally 2-5 years, and this job opportunity is not tenure-track.

Following is the list of job opportunities which are now open for recruitment.

Entry ID
Title Research on Secure Open Computer Architecture
Details of Job Opportunity
The candidates are required to conduct research on secure open computer architecture which is collaborated with many organizations to establish collaborative security environment of future AI edge devices. The requirements are special knowledge on TEE:Trusted Execution Environment and Linux Kernel.
*We seek applicants who can conduct the prposed R&D project based on their knowledge, experience, and performance, regardless of earning Ph.D. degree. 
Salary decision for the successful candidates will be made under annual salary system that is designed to compensate highly qualified research scientists. 
Base annual salary is determined based on their professional experience, job responsibilities and other relevant factors. Allowances of work responsibility, overtime and commuting are separately provided in accordance with the Rules on Salary of Fixed-term employees. (Note: This position is not entitled to housing  or family allowance.)
The sponsor company may have job openings for further research and development after the project ends depending on its results.
Start of Employment At any time
Tenure Until up to March 31st, 2023. The employment term will be determined following the result of examination.
Research Unit Cryptography Platform Research Team, Cyber Physical Security Research Center
(at AIST Tokyo Waterfront, Odaiba, Tokyo)
URL https://www.cpsec.aist.go.jp/
Tel: 029-862-6028
E-mail: ith-jobs-ml@aist.go.jp
(Please replace * with @ mark.)
Number of Position Approximately 1 position
Application Deadline
Applications are acceptable at any time.
NB: The job opportunity will be closed when the position is filled.

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