NEDO R&D Project - AI Quality Assurance (ITH-19)

Type C (Specially appointed position) 

Entry ID
Title R&D on quality assurance of machine-learned AI software
Details of Job Opportunity
We call for researchers who will join our research on assurance and management of the quality (including reliability and security) of artificial intelligence software using machine-learning techniques.  Our project aims to produce a set of technologies which can test, measure, improve, and assure quality of machine-learned software, associated with technical foundations (toolchain, guidelines, standards etc.) to use these technologies for development of machine learning-based software of industrial quality. We are hiring researchers who are able:
1) to develop state-of-the-art technology/tools to be used for AI quality assurance, 
2) to uncover currently-unknown background knowledge on the reason of degrading AI quality with innovative study and analysis, 
3) to produce industrial foundation for realizing a high-quality AI software in the world, and/or
4) to conduct a real case study with industrial partners.
Applicants are expected to have expertise in one or more of the following areas:
software engineering (such as software testing, formal analysis, process management etc.), 
artificial intelligence (e.g., understanding and explanation of internal structure of AI, attacks and countermeasures for AI), or
statistical analysis related to software development or machine learning.
This position is open to everyone who has significant experience, skills and achievements required for the project, regardless of whether the candidate holds Ph.D. degree or not.
Salary decision for the successful candidates will be made under annual salary system that is designed to compensate highly qualified research scientists. 
Base annual salary is determined based on their professional experience, job responsibilities and other relevant factors. Work responsibility allowance, overtime allowance and commuting allowance are separately provided in accordance with the Rules on Salary of Fixed-term employees. (Note: This position is not entitled to housing allowance or family allowance.)
The sponsor company may have job openings for further research and development after the project ends depending on its results.
Start of Employment At any time
Tenure Up to 4years (Until March 31st, 2023. The employment term will be determined following the selection process.)
Research Unit Cyber Physical Security Research Center or Artificial Intelligence Research Center
URL CPSEC - https://www.cpsec.aist.go.jp
AIRC - https://www.airc.aist.go.jp
E-mail: ith-jobs-ml*aist.go.jp
(Please replace "*" with "@".)
Tel: 029-862-6028
Number of Position Approximately 3 positions
Application Deadline
Applications are acceptable at any time.
NB: The job opportunity will be closed in the case that the vacant positions are occupied by appropriate applicants.

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