R&D of Next Generation Electric Propulsion System (eneenv-19)

Type C (Specially appointed position) 

  • AIST seeks research scientists who have sufficient expertise for joining R&D projects AIST is trusted by finantial institutions.
  • Applicants should possess, or be scheduled to earn, a doctoral degree before the day of employment. Applicants with equivalent qualification are also welcome for application.
  • Exclusive working duty is imposed on successful applicants, since the job opportunities are sponsored by financial institutions. Several restrictions on research activities may be applied.
  • Tenure is generally 2-5 years, and this job opportunity is not tenure-track.

Following is the list of job opportunities which are now open for recruitment.

Entry ID
Title R&D of Next Generation Electric Propulsion System
Details of Job Opportunity
We recruit a researcher who can contribute to the R&D for next generation electric propulsion system by the development of REBCO superconducting tapes, such as improvement of performance and the development of sheilding materials.
We expect a deep knowledge and good research achievement on 
fabrication and evaluation of superconducting tapes. Especially, cutting and scribing technologies and necessary kinds of electro-magnetic evaluation technique are important.
Startinf Date The possible earliest date after 1 October 2019 - to be determined following the selection process
Period of Employment Up to 31 March 2024
Research Unit Research Institute for Energy Conservation
URL https://unit.aist.go.jp/ieco/en/
Inquiry Department of Energy and Environment
E-mail: saiyou-eneenv-ml*aist.go.jp
(Replace "*" to "@" for sending email)
Number of Position 1 position


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