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  • 2015-No.55[PDF:6.6MB]
    • Message:President's Message
      Aiming to Further Contribute to the Development of Japanese Society and Industry by Bridging Innovative Technology Seeds
    • Feature:The 10th AIST Advisory Board Meeting
    • Feature:AIST Technology to Drive the Robot Revolution
    • Serving as a Bridge for the Robot Revolution
    • Mobility Robot Technology to Support Human Locomotion
    • Robot Technology to Support Human Life
    • The Birth of “Mahoro”: Turning to the Idea of a Multipurpose Two-armed Robot
    • Robot Technology to Support Manufacturing Industry
    • Robot Technology to Make Social Life Safer
    • Robots Designed to Work in Extreme Environments
    • Robot Technology to Create Value
    • Achievement of ideal organic-solar-cell architecture
      - Improvement of photo conversion efficiency by controlling crystal structure -
    • Effectively synthesizing a key raw material of the silicon chemical industry
      - A one step synthesis of tetraalkoxysilane from silica and alcohol -
    • Amino acids as a potential biomarker of sleep-wake disorders
      - Plasma free amino acids profiles in a model mouse of sleep-wake disorders -
    • Detection of water leakage from water pipes using a learning-type sound anomaly analysis technology
      - Reduces labor required for water leakage inspection by skilled workers to one-fifth -
    • New technology for ultra-low power magnetic information writing
      - First demonstration of radio-frequency-voltage-assisted magnetization switching -
    • A novel switchable mirror with visible transmittance of over 70 % in the transparent state
      - Annual cooling and heating load in buildings can be reduced using this mirror as window panes. -
    • High-output heater to heat molten aluminum
      - Heater output quintupled by high-density packing of high thermal conductivity ceramic filler -
    • Extrusion process for long-fine Mg alloy tube with high dimension accuracy
      - Enables the development of biodegradable Mg-based stent -
    • Reduction technique in amount of platinum used for diesel oxidation catalyst
      - Preparation technique of precious metal nano-particle catalyst suitable for mass production -
    • Organic semiconductor nanoparticles with several-nanometer thickness
      - Continuous-flow production of nanoparticles for thin-film devices using a micromixer -
    • Room temperature metal bonding in atmospheric air
      - Expectations for reduction of apparatus cost and improvement of manufacturing efficiency -
    • Compact, lightweight pulsed X-ray source for non-destructive inspection
      - Obtaining X-ray images in narrow places such as parallel pipes in a chemical plant -
    • Visit to Fraunhofer in Germany and Participation in the High Level Forum in France

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